Low-VOC Polyurethane Deck Coatings for Lightly-Trafficked Areas

July 21, 2009

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Low-VOC polyurethane deck coatings have exhibited remarkable flexibility in any types of surfaces. For lightly-trafficked deck areas like patios, roof decks and sun decks, low-VOC deck coatings deliver high-quality repair and protection with proper application in the hands of skilled deck coatings and painting contractors.

Preparing lightly-trafficked deck surfaces follow a simple process. Low-VOC deck coatings are applied to primed concrete surface using one liter of paint to around 1.57 square meter of deck area, resulting in .63 centimeters of thickened film. Extra care should be taken when applying the deck coatings to avoid air pockets or pin holes. To prevent pinholes from occurring, deck coatings contractors need to apply the formulation as uniformly as possible. However, if pinholes are unavoidable, immediate repair should be done on the affected surface.

Once the surface has been properly prepared, a low-VOC glaze should be applied to the surface with the use of rollers, paint brush, or spray, achieving a 0.4 millimeter film thickness. Then a gallon of sand is quickly broadcasted uniformly into the wet surface, backrolling for even distribution. After leaving the surface to cure overnight, the deck surface is ready for pedestrian traffic the following day.

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