Low-VOC Polyurethane Deck Coatings for Medium-to Heavily-Trafficked Areas

July 22, 2009

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The application of low-VOC polyurethane deck coatings in various types of deck surfaces vary only in the number of coatings applied and the length of curing time. The previous blog Low-VOC Polyurethane Deck Coatings for Lightly-Trafficked Areas talked about an overnight cure for freshly applied deck coatings, after which the surface is effectively usable to pedestrian traffic the next day.

In the case of medium- to heavily-trafficked decks, the same process of priming and surface preparation is done. As with low-trafficked deck areas, pinholes must be avoided and if unavoidable, an immediate repair of the pin-holed area should be conducted. A low-VOC polyurethane glaze is then roller- or brush-applied, and in some cases, spray painting is possible as long as this achieves a 0.4 millimeter film thickness. After that, the surface is left to cure overnight. The process is repeated the following day with another layer of deck coatings applied to the surface. Sand is then broadcasted on the wet surface and left to cure overnight again.

The coating, sanding and curing process is repeated in as many days as recommended by manufacturers, until a final top coat is applied and allowed to cure for 3 days to complete the deck coatings system.

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