Machinery Painting: Is It As Straightforward As You Think?

July 19, 2011

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As a facility manager, you will know the intricate complexities of the machinery used in your company’s workplace. It isn’t as straightforward as a car, motorcycle or truck, and the moving parts within industrial machinery need to be treated with specialist care when contractors are painting the exterior of the unit.

Contractors need to treat machinery with respect during the painting process

With machinery painting services from Raider Painting, liaising with a contractor is easy to find the correct coating that will remain resilient if a machine begins to overheat, while also enduring hours and even days of non-stop production seen in many of the cycles utilized by businesses today.

Machinery painting should enhance productivity, not hinder progress

The high-quality coatings available have been specially created and tested to ensure that the solutions available will not damage high-performing and advanced machinery, nor will the paints slow a unit down when targets need to be met.

Understanding paint is a science

Raider Painting has decades of experience in understanding how different paints work. The science of paint and selecting the right coating is difficult to understand without the necessary expertise, and fire-retardant, waterproof, high-temperature-withstanding, anti-slip, anti-climb and FDA-approved machinery coatings are available for facility managers to review before slotting in maintenance times that are tailored around the production cycles suggested for the foreseeable future.

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