Meeting the Requirements for Steel Structural Painting

March 9, 2010

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Steel structures maybe the sturdiest materials on the planet, but they can still fall prey to degradation and damage wrought by the elements. The Achilles’ heel of steel? Being carbon-based, constant exposure to oxygen and water can be hard on steel.

When damage eventually occurs, it is time for facility managers to enlist the aid of steel structural painting contractors to take care of steel-based structures. Why streel structural painting? Because it offers a less-costly maintenance and repair solution to damaged steel, instead of having expensive replacements done on the structure.

Steel structural painting contractors will do all of the leg work for the project. The details of the steel structural painting tasks fall squarely on the shoulders of the chosen contractor, but this is actually a walk in the park to the experienced contractor. The key to the ease of implementation hinges on fulfilling the following steel structural painting requirements:

1. A good quality control program. The program should include the details of equipments and instruments to be used, where and how to source materials, the failure-proof procedures, among others.

2. An inspection plan before, during and after the project to enforce the quality control program.

3. A process plan that details the applications involved in steel structural painting, such as surface preparation, paint mixing and application, waste disposal, to name a few.

4. A comprehensive implementation plan identifying major work activities, and their time schedule based on the agreed time plan.

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