More Green Painting Products for Your Building

July 4, 2008

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If your building has a green image to maintain, then you are always on the look out for products and practices that reduce emissions and reduce waste. Your regular painting and coating projects are an excellent opportunity for you to make environmentally friendly choices. By working with your painting contractor, you specify green products to use in your building. Here are a few painting products that are cleaner and greener.

Soy Ester Paint Stripper: Removal and restoration projects are often big sources of toxic petroleum-based products. By using products that replace the petroleum based ingredients with soy esters, your painting project can help improve the green image of your building. Some manufacturers have soy-based stripper products specially formulated for use in lead abatement projects. Soy esters are also used to make more environmentally friendly graffiti removers.

Silicate Paints: Made from natural minerals, silicate paints are meant for concrete or masonry surfaces. The paint may also be used on gypsum wallboard. A potassium silicate binder latches on to the concrete surface and provides good adhesion, while the crushed minerals provide color, weather resistance and breathability. Depending on the mineral mixture, silicate paints may also help reduce the building’s thermal load by reflecting excess solar energy.

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