More Swing Stage OSHA Requirements

July 11, 2008

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OSHA requirements for swing stages go beyond load bearing minimums. Proper set-up and assembly of a swing stage is critical to safe operation. Here is an overview of the OSHA requirements for proper anchoring component set-up.

Outrigger beams have to be anchored properly, either through a direct bolt-on connection to the roof surface or through suitable counter-weights. If either of these methods is not able to be used, then the outrigger beams must be secured through the use of tie backs.

Outrigger beams must be installed at right angles to the building face. If this is impossible, then tie backs must be set at an opposing angle in order to secure the swing stage properly.

Direct connections and tie backs must be connected to a structural member capable of bearing the weight of the swing stage and workers. Piping, conduits and similar rooftop structures are not acceptable connection points.

Counterweights must be made of a solid, non-flowing material, not gravel sand or other material that may shift settle or deform as the swing stage is in use.

Before the scaffolding system is put in use, an examination by a competent person must be conducted to determine if the rigging system is properly assembled and in compliance with OSHA requirements. This final once over helps insure the safety of everybody on the job site.

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