Multi-Purpose Decorative Floor Coatings

November 3, 2009

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Decorative floor coatings are always installed in areas that need to project a pleasing or attractive look, such as commercial lobbies, corporate foyers and hallways, reception areas, boardrooms, and many other locations where visitors are expected and where businesses attempt to impress clients or customers with an appealing image.

But because decorative floor coatings are now tougher and designed with high-performance in mind, there is more to decorative floor coatings now than meets the eye. Their ability to withstand nearly all types of heavy loads and stresses have made decorative floor coatings a more attractive choice for industrial areas such as loading decks, warehouses, and even manufacturing floors.

In new epoxy-based formulations, what used to be drab-colored but reliable epoxy floor paints now comes in more color choices, making it easy for facility managers to combine aesthetics and function. These new decorative floor coatings products benefit service facilities such as hospitals, schools, airport lobbies and hangars, among others.

For outdoor pool decks, patios, garden walkways and the like, decorative floor coatings of elastomeric formulations are also used. With ingenious application methods such as layering, texturing, or mosaic applications, eye-catching decorative floor coatings decidedly enhance an otherwise ordinary-looking floor.

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