Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 2

October 20, 2009

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Continued: Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 1

The previous blog talked about the importance of knowing the properties and vulnerabilities of concrete floorings, which can influence the choice of the most appropriate concrete floor coatings to apply during maintenance or repair work. Below are two more useful tips:

3. Get a clear assessment of the surface and repair damages, if any

Careful surface preparation affects the success of any coating system installation. Surface preparation begins with a thorough inspection of the surface to be coated, its existing condition and need for remediation, if any is needed.

For example, if the concrete flooring is dirty, cleanup should be conducted. If molds or signs of bacterial growth are evident, removing these contaminants should also be done. If cracks or physical alterations are observed, then it is best to repair these damages first before concrete floor coatings are applied.

The reason for the meticulous surface preparation and remediation is to increase, as best as possible, adhesion during coating application.

4. Take into account the location and usage of the floorings

The different locations and functions served by concrete floorings in the facility influence the choice of concrete floor coatings to apply. Areas containing toxic chemicals require the use of coatings resistant to chemical spills. Loading bays with heavy loads require thicker concrete floor coatings.

The next blog will discuss other priorities and concerns in the selection of best-fit coatings.

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