Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 3

October 21, 2009

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Continued: Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 2

Careful surface preparation and evaluation of the location and function of concrete floorings were discussed in the previous blog and considered key factors in choosing the right concrete floor coatings for coating system maintenance.

Below are two more tips in coatings selection:

5. Identify more concerns and priorities

Ideally, high performance should be the main basis in the selection of concrete floor coatings. On top of these factors, however, are other considerations that can also influence the choice of coatings. Aesthetics is one of them. If the concrete flooring system is located in the front lobby, for example, visual attractiveness is an important concern, necessitating the use of decorative concrete floor coatings. Environmental concerns, on the other hand, are a major priority for safety-conscious facilities such as hospitals.

Most of the time, however, economics exert the greatest influence in the choice of the best concrete floor coatings to install, with decision-makers going for the coating product that help in cost reduction efforts.

6. Zero in on the best-fitted coatings

Concrete floor coatings products vary in performance features, but the selection process is easy if facility managers know their paint basics. Such as the difference between epoxies and urethanes, high-performing formulations, damage-resistant and protective products, and even which products have low-VOC emissions. This knowledge is very useful in identifying the best-fit product for the specific project.

The next blog will discuss familiarity with coating application processes and the value of expert’s experience in the coating selection.

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