Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 4

October 22, 2009

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Continued: Neat Tips in Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coatings – Part 3

The previous blog talked about other concerns and priorities that should be considered when selecting the right concrete floor coatings for facility floors, such as cost and aesthetics. It also discussed the advantage of having a good working knowledge about paints, to be able to identify the best-fit paint for the project.

Below tips continue with the emphasis on familiarity with the coating process and the value of expert opinion, to determine the best concrete floor coatings to use:

7. Know the ins and outs of the coating application process

Facility managers should remember that whatever coatings application methodology used to setup the concrete floor coatings system can greatly affect future performance. A poorly-prepared surface, or a deviation from the manufacturer’s Material Data Sheet during mixing, application or curing, or even a slight misstep in the application process, can cascade any flaws into the next processes. The result of this is a concrete floor coatings failure. That is why the proper observance of the correct application methods should be maintained at all times during concrete floor coatings installation.

8. Seek the expert’s opinion

Inputs from professional coatings contractors are very valuable in deciding on what concrete floor coatings product to use for flooring projects. Their training and years of experience will come into play in the selection process, having worked with varied types of concrete floor coatings for a long time. Relying on their expert knowledge is still the surest way to a successful concrete floor coatings project.

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