New-Generation Industrial Coatings

July 14, 2009

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New trends in industrial coatings are a result of intensive research and development to create high-performing and ecologically-friendly paint formulations that comply with industry standards and satisfy the requirements of industrial contractors and facility managers.

Facility managers aim for their industrial buildings to be well-designed, enduring, and beautiful. In response, industrial contractors adopt paints that have quick-drying features to lessen the downtime required by coatings application. These paints provide greater protection against corrosion and other natural damages, with minimal deterioration over time, increasing the longevity of the structure. And when before, drab and dull colors are the only choices for industrial coatings, industrial contractors now have innovative paints with more color choices, enhancing the facility’s aesthetic appeal.

New generations of coatings range from epoxy-based coatings to oil-based latex paints that are infused with a myriad of unique and useful features, such as high-adhesion to any types of surface substrates and materials, and low-VOC emissions that reduce environmental damage. Specialty coatings based on urethanes and polyurethanes add to the wide variety. Most important, these quality coatings appeal to industrial contractors and facility managers because of their affordable and practical costs.

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