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January 21, 2013

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Commercial painting solutions for older and historic buildings

If your commercial or industrial facility is a well-established location, one of your primary concerns is to protect the investment that your building represents. Of course, you want to maintain the appearance of your facility—preferably without having to invest in a new paint job every year.

There are many steps you can take to restore and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your older building. In the hands of a skilled commercial painting contractor, these solutions will keep your facility protected from damage and looking great for years to come.

Choosing the right color scheme

One good way to avoid frequent repainting is to ensure that your current color scheme will remain suitable for your facility. When selecting a color scheme for older or historic buildings, there are two main considerations: the architectural style, and the neighborhood context and surroundings.

In most cases, recreating original color schemes is the best choice for historic structures. Each classic architectural style comes with a history of color patterns—for example, Victorian structures had distinctly bright, multi-colored exteriors, while Colonial and Colonial Revival buildings used just three colors—one of them the red brick of the chimneys.

Historical restorations

If you own a historically significant industrial or commercial facility, the decision to undergo a historical restoration project is an important one. It is essential to choose a skilled commercial painting contractor with experience in restoring historical structures, as the process is painstaking and requires extra care and preparation.

With proper research and groundwork, a historical restoration can take several months from start to finish. However, the end results are worth the time and effort.

Protecting your facility from graffiti

Many older buildings are located in areas where there is a high risk of vandalism. Graffiti not only ruins the appearance of your facility, but also encourages vandals to further deface your property because it’s viewed as an easy target.

The most important step to take if your facility is targeted by vandals is to have the graffiti removed quickly and professionally, in order to deter further action. You can also take the additional action of having anti-graffiti coatings applied to your building. These types of coatings prevent aerosol spray paint from adhering to the surface, making graffiti easy to remove.

Enhancing your floors

Finally, older and historic buildings can benefit greatly from professional floor coatings. A new floor can transform the appearance of your entire facility, without having to invest in extensive renovations or modifications.

There are many types of decorative and stained coating that can enhance both form and function for your floors. One popular example is decorative concrete, which creates the look of wood, stone, or cobblestone without the high costs associated with these materials. Durable membrane systems, mosaic tile floor coatings, and painted floors that incorporate patterns, graphics, or logos also make exceptional flooring choices for older facilities.


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