New Products: Bug Juice, the Insecticide Paint

August 15, 2008

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Some of the most intriguing developments in painting and coating technology occur in the field of paint additives. One area of interest for new commercial and industrial paint additives research is insect control. For many years, tree banding has been used to control the damage that harmful insects inflict on managed forests. However, finding an additive that is effective for use in exterior and interior paints has been selective process.

Designed by Walla Walla Environmental, Bug Juice is the first paint additive with insecticide qualities. It is also the first EPA-registered insecticide paint rated for interior and exterior use. The product is available as a concentrate which can be added to latex based paint, as well as oils, stains and sealers.

How Does It Work?

The active ingredient in Bug Juice is a chemical called deltamethrin. This complex compound damages the nervous systems of insects which crawl and feed on a treated surface. When used as a paint additive, deltamethrin works on contact, and the manufacturer recommends washing down a surface treated with deltamethrin additives to provide a clean surface for insects to come in contact with the pesticide.


A current application for the product is for insect control in manholes, electrical vaults and underground utility access spaces. White latex paint with the Bug Juice additive is sprayed on the surfaces. The insecticide additive helps control cockroaches, fire ants and other nuisance insects.

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