New Trends in Industrial Coatings

July 13, 2009

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Industrial facilities today are enjoying the greater freedom of choice that comes from advances in industrial coatings technology. In choosing the most appropriate industrial coatings to use in specific projects, industrial contractors have a longer list of products to choose from. Years of research and development produced innovations in product formulations, enhancements in application methodologies, and even improvements in industry regulations and standards.

Changes in global market supply and demand have also made a great impact in furthering the advancement of quality industrial coatings. Industries in all parts of the world are increasing their demand for high-performance coatings, and the recent years have witnessed the entry of foreign manufacturers as key players in the industrial coatings business. Industrial contractors began increasing their products database and deepened their skills with an eye in becoming globally competitive, to the benefit of industrial facilities.

With mounting concerns over the harmful effect of industrial coatings emissions in the environment, industrial contractors turn to more ecologically-friendly coatings, creating a greater demand to manufacture green paints. And with the aid of federal regulations and industry standards, industrial contractors now have the capability to deliver the best quality and non-harmful coatings applications to industrial facilities.

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