One Simple Way to Make-over Your Rental Building

April 17, 2012

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For every day your rental facility sits available on the market, you are losing possible rental income. No matter whether your property is on the market for several weeks or for minutes, there are actions you might take to make your building more interesting to possible tenants.

Here are five suggestions on how to make-over your rental facility to be attractive for everyone.

Curb Appeal

Whereas you might have focused all of your energy on sprucing up the inside of this apartment, if you can’t get people through the door, your efforts are all for zilch. First impressions are lasting impressions. When the outside of the building isn’t up to par, more often than not, a renter can have already written the property off, whether or not they even venture inside.

Here are some economical ways to increase your curb appeal:

Remove any weeds, trash or debris.
Make certain the lawn and shrubbery are properly manicured.
If you have a terrace or outside spot, add a couple of flowers and plants to create a more inviting, lived-in feel.
Remove any chipped paint, broken down banisters or torn window screens.
Make sure the mailbox, lighting fixtures and address information are in first-class condition.

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