Options in Floor Safety Markings

March 18, 2010

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Work-related injuries and emergencies are commonly caused by falls and slips from floors and ground areas in the facility. Areas where goods flow, vehicles pass, and humans constantly trod should be clearly laid out with floor safety markings to maintain proper width, free them from obstructions, and are kept in good condition.

Since paint is the most common option for floor safety markings, many good-quality paint products for floor markings are in the market. These paints are highly-resistant to damages and scuffing. Paints also withstand the elements, such as rain, water, and snow, and therefore are excellent options for outdoor floor safety markings.

Paint maybe durable, but spraying machines or other painting equipments are required to apply them on the ground. The use of masking tape to guide in paint application makes clear and precise lines and speeds up the application time, but paint still require downtime for drying, and are removed only using paint-removing chemicals.

As an alternative to paint, floor tapes lessen the downtime in floor safety markings applications. They are easy to apply and possess anti-slip capabilities. Tapes come in more colors than paints, and can be removed easily by the mere application of heat.

Facility managers should choose the option that’s right for the need of the facility, based on criteria that include cost reduction, less service downtime, and high-performance.

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