Overlays and Radiant Heat Concrete Finishes

November 26, 2009

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With practicality and good aesthetics finally coming together in the form of innovative concrete finishes, what other concrete solutions are out there that add variety of choice in concrete flooring systems?

Durability and decorative appeal are the primary purpose of concrete overlays. Also known as resurfacing, concrete overlays offer a cheaper alternative to entire-system replacement. Polymer resins provide good flooring system performance in coating overlay applications, although the polymer mixture can vary from product to product. Concrete overlays need for the foundation to be stable, that is, no damage in the underlying base has yet occurred. If any sign of instability is evident, concrete finishes through overlaying or resurfacing should not be implemented until the base foundation has been repaired.

Concrete finishes that pipe up ground heat through a network of tubings embedded in the concrete surface is also one of the most innovative concrete finishes today. These flooring systems save energy by circulating heat in the facility and maintaining temperature. Even existing flooring systems can be equipped with radiant heat. The process for existing concrete finishes is to embed tiny electric mats in the concrete surface, before overlaying the surface with thin cement to seal the mats in.

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