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May 20, 2021

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Choosing a color scheme for your industrial space should be about more than keeping up with the latest trends. While certain shades may be popular at a given time, there are some simple principles that can help guide your decisions. In fact, with a basic understanding of paint colors and emotions, you may be surprised at how easy it can be to pick a shade for the interior or exterior. Here’s a look at wall color psychology and what you need to know.

How Colors Affect Mood and Morale

You may not realize it, but color can impact the way you feel. Consider the difference between a meeting room painted in a hot red versus a pale pink, for example. While one naturally invigorates or even agitates, another soothes and calms.

This is what the psychology of paint colors is about — tapping into the natural connotations of color to achieve specific outcomes. In office or industrial settings, you want shades that improve mood, morale and, by extension, productivity.

  • White: On the one hand, white is a color often associated with cleanliness, clarity and minimalism. On the other, it can connote boredom and a lack of creativity. What does this mean for you? White can make an excellent backdrop but should not steal the show. Combine it with pops of color for the best results.
  • Red: The color of passion, excitement and energy, red can be overstimulating in office spaces. In areas where you want to stay motivated, assertive and invigorated, however, it’s ideal. Use this color strategically, to draw interest.
  • Yellow: Also high on the energy spectrum, yellows can make a space feel warm, bright, inviting and cheerful.
  • Blue: Often associated with calming, dependable energy, blue is a good choice when you want to convey a sense of loyalty, tranquility and trustworthiness.
  • Green: Because of its connection to the natural world of plants, green is often linked with wellness and calm. Use darker varieties for quiet sobriety and brighter shades to emphasize a healthy, relaxing vibe.

The above examples are only the beginning of color psychology principles. If you want to create a certain atmosphere in an office or industrial space, pick colors that correspond.

Picking a Color That Aligns with Your Business Values

In corporate settings, choosing the right wall color starts with knowing your business. What is most important to your brand? What is the mission and the office culture? What adjectives would you use to describe the organization, and what colors can help communicate that feeling? By sticking to shades that align with company values, you can amplify your brand and make a stronger impression on clients.

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