Paint Color Basics for the Facility

December 1, 2010

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In searching for the right paint for the facility, the painting company follows some simple rules in color selection. One of these rules is based on the visual aspect of color. Some colors often look cool to the naked eye, such as green and blue. On the other end of the spectrum are warm colors that look bright to the eyes such as red, green or yellow. The tone of color in any particular room has a direct effect on the perception of building occupants, so the painting company must take this into consideration.

Colors also come in varying shades, and are also one of the issues that the painting company must watch out for. Even a plain color like white has many shades — from off-whites, pure whites, and whites that come close to pale beige or cream. The painting company must take extra care to mix colors properly using the right specifications, to avoid irregular or uneven coloration.

The facility manager, interior decorator and the painting company contractor may have planned the right paint colors, but unless the actual colors are tested in a sample area, the outcome can be unpredictable. For a little amount of money, small cans of paint can be purchased and applied on sample boards. The painted board is held up against the wall to see if the chosen color jives with the rest of the room’s color theme. The color that looks good among the room’s overall theme is definitely the right paint color.

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