Paint Color Forecasts for 2010

April 19, 2010

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Industry experts see the emergence of innovative painting products and applications in 2010. An evolution in paint pigments appears in many manufacturers’ pallets this year. The array of hues caters to a variety of consumer tastes and preferences, summarized below:

1. Colors for Comfort

Neutral colors are still in, simple and versatile at the same time. Painting contractors can choose muted neutrals that provide a subtle calming effect when applied to the interiors. Manufacturers have mixed these colors with undertones that adjust to the surroundings. These make for an understated simplicity that makes any office or employee lounge a comfortable place to stay in.

2. Happy Colors

Paint colors run the length of the spectrum. Bright and rich tones dominate the interiors. Painting contractors add these playful and vivid colors to their catalogs. The colors create a beautiful room atmosphere that is bold, loud, interesting and dynamic at the same time.

3. Painting as Art

Manufacturers have art in mind with an offering of pastels suggestive of Monet paintings. At the opposite are vibrant earth-toned colors evocative of ethnic artistry. Painting contractors, building designers and owners are not surprised that this year there is also a resurgence of “worn” or muted patina for those with the “old-world” theme in mind.

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