Paint Selection as a Success Factor in Tank Painting

August 17, 2010

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Containment tanks need to be re-painted from time to time with a fresh application of tank coating systems for various reasons. Foremost of these reasons is to paint storage tanks for added protection, or to restore the quality and integrity of the protective coatings as they deteriorate through time. Other reasons may be to perk up the look of the tank’s exterior with a new color, a marker level, or a company logo.

Tank coatings can endure for a long time as long as they are high-quality products. Proper paint selection is therefore critical to paint storage tanks successfully.

The best products for tank painting are either acrylic or elastomeric coating formulations. Acrylics dry fast and have proven to be of good quality in storage tank painting. Furthermore, acrylics have superior moisture resistance and longevity. Polymer emulsions in acrylic paints make them achieve highly-adhesive for any types of surfaces.

Elastomeric paint, on the other hand, has a reputation for being the best exterior finish paint in the market. It has strong resistance against the sun, rain, hot and cold temperatures, and humidity. Elastomeric formulations are strong films that are excellent for waterproofing systems.

Either type of paints is suitable in repairing hairline cracks. They are also very flexible, allowing the coating system to expand or contract without causing tears or rents.

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