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April 13, 2010

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The world is becoming more aware of the deteriorating state of the environment. The building industry, in particular, is taking steps to remove its reputation as one of the least environment-friendly sectors in the country. The green building movement is underway with facility managers, building designers and painting companies all doing their share to build earth-friendly facilities.

What makes green buildings different? Unlike conventional buildings, green buildings are constructed and maintained using green designs and operational practices. Green or environmentally-sound buildings use lesser amounts of energy, water and materials during construction. They also utilize resources more efficiently in the entire duration of their useful life.

Green building designs work with the environment, not against it. For example, the use of natural light is used to illuminate interiors. Painting companies support the green construction work by using products and formulations that are emitting low- to zero-VOC. Painting companies do not necessarily use such products with conventional buildings.

Because of the more efficient resource consumption involved in the construction and operation of green buildings, facility managers and painting companies recognize that there is a great potential to cut on resource costs. Plus the fact that green buildings are also designed for sustainability implies the added long-term cost benefit that can be realized in operating green buildings.

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