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January 6, 2009

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When choosing the best painting contractor for building maintenance, facility managers thankfully now have the Internet to assist in the search. Most industrial painting contractors have their presence in the Internet. Their web sites are easily accessibly at the click of the mouse in the comfort of the office. Many of these companies list out their services and previous experiences in their web sites. Some even have their client’s endorsements and approvals scanned and placed as content in the website for everyone to see. Painting contractors have wisely taken their marketing strategies to the Internet arena with beneficial results, both to themselves and to their potential clients.

For facility managers, it is now only a matter of comparing contractor’s bids and shortlisting them according to specified criteria like the ones discussed in the previous blog: Checklist for Choosing a Painting Contractor. The websites also give out their contact persons and phone numbers.

The ease of communicating with the contractor online is a blessed value-added, when compared to the pre-Internet era of looking them up at the phone book, calling them up, and waiting for them to respond. The time is lessened in the search for the right industrial painting contractor for the job. The Internet is a valuable vehicle that is used for facilities managers looking for commercial building painting contractors.

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