The Painting Contractor that Has What You Need

November 3, 2010

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Short listing the painting contractor that will deliver the best quality work within your desired budget begins with inviting contractors to hand in their estimates. The painting contractor you will eventually choose comes from a very long list of contractors in the industry. It can be very difficult to tell one from the other. Often, there can be minute differences in their services and pricing. But as a facility manager, you need to examine these detailed differences closely, because this can mean the success or failure of your facility project, and the quality of work purchased by your money.

Initially, there can be only one or two requirements you have in mind. For example, repair the damage in the waterproofing system, or conduct maintenance of floor coatings in the facility’s warehouse. Inviting the painting contractor to outline their itemized activities can give you an idea of what else the work entails. A review of their written estimates can turn out a list of tasks involved and that you have not thought of before.

Summarizing these offerings from the contractors, you can then come up with your detailed specifications. Your requirement is no longer a mere statement or two. What follows from this detailed specification is that you should require each of the painting contractors to re-write an estimate based on your specification. This way, you can get their price and time estimates on similar tasks they need to do for your project.

Afterwards, comparing painting contractors is no longer like comparing apples and oranges, but based on a standard specification that has exactly what you need.

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