Painting Contractors – Go Green or Go Bust

September 13, 2010

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With advancements in all fronts — science, technology, laws, culture, and mindsets — the painting industry doesn’t really have any excuses left to avoid going green. The times, and all forces in the universe, seem to conspire to drive green coatings applications forward.

Here are those green and compelling reasons:

1. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires it. The construction industry is urged by this agency to take a more responsible stand in environmental protection. The EPA expects builders to achieve resource efficiency, and painters to practice waste-reducing pollution-avoiding green coatings applications, procedures and techniques.

2. Green is the new color of business. Green businesses don’t cost more to operate than non-green ones. Some green practices can even save on costs and lessen expenses. Green coatings applicators gain more marketability and higher reputation than regular painting contractors, because clients have become similarly green-minded.

3. Green is healthy. Years of inhaling VOCs from construction products, materials and projects are dangerous not only tp the health of clients but also for workers in the industry. When placed in this context, greener methods such as green coatings applications make more sense than traditional ones.

4. Green is easy. Surprisingly, the business shift to green practices is not difficult to execute. It takes only a few small steps, such as the use of recycled paper in the office, or moving to low-VOC paints and finishes, or using less plastic on the job, or taking care of tools and equipments to extend their useful lives.

Going green is a deliberate business decision. But it is the right one to take, not only in behalf of the environment, but also for business survival.

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