Painting Contractors: Keeping Pace with Changing Trends

April 21, 2010

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The construction industry began the year with new trends in coatings technology. To keep up with these advances, painting contractors are also increasing their skills and expertise, and their existing methodologies and techniques.

To keep pace with the times, painting contractors are focusing changes to the following areas:

1. Painting contractors aim to be well-versed in the wide variety of paint options. They familiarize themselves with the newly released products in the market, to be able to provide these offering to clients.

2. Painting contractors aim to enhance their skills to capably support nearly all requirements of building construction, repair and maintenance. They cross-train their personnel on a wide range of tasks, such as interior and exterior renovations, carpentry, wood-working, wallpaper-work, among others. This allows them to deliver a comprehensive quality package to their clients.

3. Painting contractors pursue certifications in industry standards and launch conformance efforts to comply with the standards and rules of industry regulating bodies. This is to increase their credibility among their peers and partners and to enhance their methods and services to satisfy clients.

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