Painting In-Service Water Tanks

May 25, 2009

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Until recently, a common practice used in water tank coating repair and maintenance starts with draining the tank content before any coating work can be done. Draining is necessary because moisture condensation is often present in water tanks and can interfere with coating application, potentially leading to tank coating failure.

But draining the water tank prior to tank coating application often proves to be a costly activity, mostly because many facilities do not have a secondary storage tank to serve as contingency container where content can be transferred while the primary water tank is unusable for tank coating work. For water tanks that hold crucial water for the community’s fire protection system, the amount of time that the water tank is unavailable for coating is a great risk that further adds to the challenge of tank coating. The same is true with water tanks that hold drinking water supply — a careful job done the quickest way possible.

And yet despite the risks and challenges involved in water tank coating application, repair or maintenance jobs must be conducted in order to keep water tanks in good condition and protect them against future and costly damages. In-service painting of water tanks is clearly the best approach for tanks of with such requirements and considerations.

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