Painting Services for HOAs: Changing Rules Could Save Money

July 18, 2011

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Currently, many Homeowners’ Associations have set down rules in their founding documents which specify that each resident is responsible for painting and maintaining their own properties. This policy has served many communities well, but now, painting contractors are beginning to prove to HOAs that high-quality and consistent colors can be used across all properties for lower prices per household.

HOAs should see a community-wide painting contractor as an investment – a way for house prices to remain high even when the market is turbulent. If the board of a HOA does excellent research in finding premium paints, the cycle of repainting households can be prolonged, saving valuable time and money that could be invested into maintaining other aspects of a property.

Homeowners’ Associations vigorously protect the image of the communities they govern. Some have even reported that they feel like they are “policing” members of their HOA, ensuring that the paint used for gates, doors and exterior surfaces is a corresponding shade to other neighbors who have made the effort to use approved paints. Changing condominium documents will encourage uniformity, with residential buildings complementing the community structures such as swimming pools, fitness centers and local halls that will have been built and decorated by the HOA’s governing body.

Once a painting contractor gains the trust of a HOA, there can be plenty of scope for maintenance that extends beyond painting. For example, parking lot striping, graphic art and signs to welcome visitors into a community and even high-rise painting could all be much-required services that can be provided to a HOA by a reputable and insured provider.

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