Ten Simple Steps for Painting Commercial Steel Buildings

January 1, 2012

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Any metal commercial building with an internal structure that is fabricated mostly from steel is considered a steel building. External covering might not be the intended use. There are many usages and applications for this type of steel building. Building managers and property owners need to be knowledgeable about basic steel painting building methods.

Steel structures can be used as an office building, storage facilities, or for use as a well-structured building. Based on the nature of their use, a number of classifications for these structures exist.

Thanks mostly to the cost efficiency of these buildings; they are in use all around the world. Techniques for using these buildings have multiplied because the construction materials, building designs, and capability for production have increased.

The numerous materials that these buildings can be designed in make them more valuable since they are so pleasing to the eye. To guarantee a high quality product, an upgraded process is used for manufacturing. Inexpensive maintenance costs and ecological friendliness are key features of these commercial steel structures.

Steel buildings are relatively strong, stable, and long-lasting and feature insect and termite resistance. It is simple to reuse every steel component used in construction of the building. The material can be molded into an arch shape or be straight. The interior space might have some internal structural support.

The main reason for the use of metal is its strength and durability. If the structure is to last longer and maintain its beauty, regular care is necessary.

Here are the basic tools needed: metal paint, sprayer, roller or paint brush, primers, putty, steel wool and a wire brush. 

For the best outcome, these basic steps need to be followed by professional steel structural painters:

Tips for Painting a Commercial Steel Facility

  1. Prepare the surface to be painted
  2. Use a one to three ratio of bleach and water to prepare the mixture
  3. Painters use a wire brush to go over the surface with attention to affected areas
  4. Soap and water is applied to do a final cleaning
  5. Professional painters perform the final cleaning effectively by using a power washer
  6. Apply primer is the next step in the process
  7. To create a smooth base, a minimum of two coats must be completed
  8. Primers can be applied with tools such as brushes or rollers
  9. When the primer is dry, the surface is ready to be painted
  10. Use acrylic paint on metal surfaces as they provide better results and last longer

When beginning a large steel structure painting project, it may seem that painting a steel building is a monumental undertaking. Essentially, this is because the buildings may be constructed in a shape or size that is unconventional or the building is very large. Building owners may think that the job is nearly impossible or overwhelming but with adequate planning, and professional painters on the job, a steel building is easy to paint and the results last longer when the right techniques are used.

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