Painting Technique is Key

January 7, 2009

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After looking around for industrial painting contractors, examining their capabilities, and evaluating their proposals, you are finally down to one or two candidates. This is the time to look deeper into the technical process that will be employed for your building maintenance project.

How to proceed? For one, you can discuss with the candidate contractors the type of painting system suited for your project. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Such discussions can yield tremendous benefits to you as you arrive at the final choice of contractor based on their technical expertise.

For protective and decorative painting projects, contractors typically offer the following services below:

  • Coil or roll coating is a high-speed process for metal coating
  • Dip or immersion coating where parts are submerged in a tank filled with paint
  • Dry lubricants are painted over surfaces of machine parts to reduce corrosion
  • Powder coating is used for finishing by applying electrostatically-charged dry paint particles to surfaces
  • Web coating applies a layer of paint on surfaces of continuous sheets.

If any of the technical terms are still Greek to you, look them up in this blog site or post a question or comment here and get an answer to almost anything. You can also ask the contractor to explain in detail any of these techniques.

There are more of these techniques in the market, and examining them would be to your best advantage.

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