Concrete is a combination of varied components used mainly for construction and additional building processes. Concrete is the best used man-made material in the field when mixed with steel or fiber reinforcements – may be the strongest building material used.

Although concrete is an extremely strong and dependable building material, it may seem drab and colorless when used for building processes like floors and walls. Usually, there are lots of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and additional construction which have concrete floors. These floors require some type of concrete floor coating. Painting concrete floors is a standard way of constructing concrete floors to look eye-catching and protect them from other natural environments.

Technique of painting concrete floors

Painting concrete floors is a considerably long procedure, and then the concrete floor should be ready prior to applying paint to the surface. Proper surface preparation is one of the most important techniques in painting warehouse concrete floors. The concrete floor has to be degreased and cleaned before painting the floor. There are various degreasers and degreaser chemicals obtainable in the marketplace for this purpose. Depending on the future use and place where the concrete floor is located, either a general purpose or a significant duty degreaser needs to be used.

Based on the age of the concrete, it needs to be checked for any curing compounds used. Newer concrete has a variety of curing compounds which cause interference using the adhesion from the coating in the concrete. One more thing to be checked is the dampness within the concrete. If there can be any traces of dampness within the concrete, it shouldn’t be coated and painted. Painting should continue only after the moisture is removed, together with the source of dampness being determined and removed.

After the concrete floor has been degreased and checked for dampness, the ground needs to be checked because of its profile. If the concrete is hard and immovable, the paint will adhere weakly to the floor. To have a favorable profile in the concrete surface, the use of an acid etcher is essential. The best profile for a concrete floor to be painted is similar to the feel of medium sand paper. There are lots of acid etchers obtainable in the marketplace for this purpose. Once the acid etching is completed, the entire surface should be thoroughly washed with water to remove any residue from the acid. If obtainable, regular ammonia can work as an outstanding neutralizer from the acid along with water.

Once these processes are completed and ready, the particular painting of the concrete floors can start. Based on the use of the flooring, the appropriate paint and coat should be determined.

For universal up-keep on dry and wet floors, epoxy-based paints are a good deal, while if one needs a non-skid floor, silica sand needs to be added to the epoxy. Silica sand combined with epoxy, however, makes the surface difficult to clean. If ever the concrete floor requires higher security from abrasion and other chemicals, a higher gloss finishing should be used. This type of glossy finishing can be achieved by using a two-component top coat. The quality of the floor coating should also be taken into consideration. Inadequate budgeting on anything related to warehouse floor painting and construction will only mean more expenditure in the future on repairs and up-keep.

There can be a number of choices available to decorate the concrete floors. The perfect profile for painting makes decorative painting for concrete floors possible. There are numerous options for concrete floor coats and paints obtainable in the market. While deciding on a color or pattern, make sure that it goes well with the color and feel of the warehouse.