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December 16, 2010

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Deck coatings fulfill a very crucial role in preserving the good condition of coated surfaces. Parking lots and garages are often made of concrete foundation, and there are many deck coatings formulations that are created to perform well on concrete surfaces.

When it comes to preserving the integrity of concrete surfaces, one of the most important functions of deck coatings in parking structures is in preventing water infiltration to the lower surface levels. Deck coatings work to waterproof the area, as part of a comprehensive waterproofing project. All areas are applied with waterproof deck coatings, together with joint sealants and a drainage system to complete the waterproofing system. During deck coatings application, the work will involve downtime of certain areas of the parking structure, but overall, a skilled deck coatings contractor can complete the job without significant disturbance to tenants, visitors and employees of the facility.

Some common deck coatings installed on parking lots are epoxy-based traffic coatings useful in marking signs and directions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Urethane membranes and sealers are also useful particularly in waterproofing parking areas.

When there is ongoing deterioration that results to cracks and tears in the surface, there are also deck coatings solutions to seal these cracks. Often these formulations may be a combination of epoxy primers and silicate-based mixes that works well with the final urethane coating system.

The longevity of the installed deck coatings system depends primarily on good coatings selection, as well as proper preparation and application.

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