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December 20, 2010

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A well-executed parking structure preventive maintenance and restoration program would normally include washing all floor surfaces and flushing any dirt and grimes, as well as sealing all cracks and tears in the surface prior to application of protective deck coatings. The layer of deck coatings to be re-applied depends on the extent of damage to the membrane.

Professional deck coatings contractors do a good job of restoring parking structures back to their original top condition. The more years of experience that the contractor has in parking deck repair and maintenance, the better the quality of the deck coatings system installed.

In opting for professional contractors instead of an in-house crew, it is very critical to determine whether or not the contractor has specialized skills in parking deck coatings repair and maintenance. The value in seeking the aid of professional contractors often comes from their unique knowledge of the best parking deck coatings available in the market. Often, they may already have their preferred or recommended coatings, filler, primers, sealers and other needed materials suitable for every case and situation.

Parking deck preventive maintenance is an insurance against more serious problems that can drive costs up. Since parking decks help facilities give a good impression to visitors even before they step inside the premises, it is important that the parking areas are in good condition all the time, for the convenience and delight of visitors.

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