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January 21, 2010

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Parking lot striping is an important aspect of parking lot design, and ensures compliance of parking lots with state and federal laws. Not only these, parking lot striping makes parking lots safe, and easy to navigate – things that customers look for and appreciate in the places where they park their cars and do their business.

Successful parking lot striping is possible with many factors, and one of them is entrusting the parking lot striping activity to skilled parking lot striping contractors. But there are many parking lot striping contractors in the market nowadays. How does a facility manager choose from the list and be guaranteed good quality performance? Here are some tips:

1. Choose the parking lot striping contractor based on knowledge, skills, and experience.

2. Require prospective parking lot striping contractor to hand in a portfolio of their past projects, specifically their parking lot striping projects.

3. Verify the portfolio by asking for testimonials from actual clients of the contractor, and ask questions on the performance and quality of work of the contractor.

4. Go into the parking lot striping contractors’ website and learn more of their company and projects from the site.

5. Interview the contractor and inquire about their approach to the project, what are their timelines, resources, costs and deliverables.

Establishing the competency and capability of the parking lot striping contractor is one of the best guarantees that the parking lot striping project will become successful.

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