Parking Lot Striping Goals

January 19, 2010

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Parking lot striping has become a necessary fixture in business facilities because of the growing importance of the parking lot as the facility’s first line of attraction to car-going customers. Much like the building façade, parking lots are subject to first impressions. The better the parking lot design, the better is the customers’ first impression of the rest of the facility. Consequently, a well-designed parking lot depends a great deal on the parking lot striping application done on the area.

Designing the parking lot, either to satisfy federal regulations or to improve customer satisfaction, dictates the parking lot striping activity done by the striping contractor. Because of this, there is a need for facility managers to plan carefully to come up with clear and concise goals for the parking lot striping project. These goals will be the deliverables expected from striping contractors, that is why it is important that the contractors know exactly the targets that they need to reach.

The goal may either be to maximize parking lot space, or to improve the flow of traffic, or to provide safety markings on the parking grounds. The methodologies used and the implementation plan of the parking lot striping project can vary depending on the goals and requirements of the facility.

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