Parking Lot Striping is Integral to Business

January 18, 2010

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History shows that parking lot striping became an important part of the post-World War II economy, because of the industrial boom that included the automobile industry. When the government channeled funds to improve the transportation services in the country, more cars were manufactured then, which in turn paved the way for better roads and highways. The natural off-shoot of all that road building were enhancements in navigational systems, which eventually included the demand for better parking lots and the need to stripe them.

Since then, as more and more consumers ply the roads to conduct their daily affairs, businesses have become aware of how important it is to the success of their enterprise to build parking lots that accommodate customers’ vehicles while they conveniently shop within the business premises. To satisfy customers and guarantee that they will be back again, parking lots are continually improved with features such as well-lit areas, clear signages, and parking lot striping.

Parking lot striping is also part of the federal laws regulating the design of parking lots in federal highways and businesses. Good parking lot striping, coupled with adequate parking space, has become the primary drivers of deepening customer relationship. In designing parking lots, facility managers should pay a great deal of attention to the best parking lot striping design, to gain the highest benefits for the business.

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