Parking Lots and Outside Spaces Should be Visually Appealing

December 22, 2011

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Do your outside areas and parking lots look soiled, damaged, or old? This should be expected and not a surprise.

After a harsh winter, lots of properties are looking worn. The effects of the brutal weather were evident everywhere. Take a walk outdoors and keep your eyes open. Sign posts have been knocked down by windy conditions. The striping on your street pavement has been obliterated by storm water and snow plows. The salt that was spread eroded the speed bumps and curb edges. All of this, combined with signs covered with graffiti and hedges that have been squashed by negligent drivers, will ensure that the property certainly needs some big springtime renovations.

Where’s the best place to begin, though? Spring Spruce Up so that you can start making sure the parking lot and outside space is visually appealing as well as clean and safe.

– Put in new sign posts when the ones you have are twisted or rusty. Think about ones that are flexible so they will bounce back to standing if they are hit. It will be worth your while when you realize that you will not have to replace them over and over again with new posts.

– Stop signs or those for parking that have faded need to be replaced or renovated. Put in some bright fresh ones. Buy the ones that are highly reflective and you’ll increase night visibility when headlights shine on them. In addition, you will adhere to the Federal standards set by MUTCD.

– Protect yourself from those who would vandalize the property. You’ll spend a lot in time and effort if you have to replace signs that have been vandalized. When you are going to replace the signs, do so with an upgrade to those that have a protective coating. With this special coating, sunlight will not cause fading and graffiti will be easy to clean.

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