A Peek at the Tool Box of Epoxy Floor Contractors

March 7, 2011

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When you hire the services of epoxy floor contractors, they bring with them their years of experience and expertise to do the job. Be it to resurface a concrete epoxy floor. Or perhaps to repair an epoxy floor system that has been damaged from daily load. Maybe your requirements for epoxy floor contractors have something to do with executing a decorative design and applying specialized epoxy coatings to really make visitors go wow over your floors.

Whatever job you need done, epoxy floor contractors also bring with them their tool boxes to aid them in their work. Every single contractor doesn’t leave without it, and no floor receives the full treatment of paints, sealers, stains or whatever formulation to complete the floor system — without these trusty tools.

One of the most common tools in epoxy floor contractors’ tool boxes are screwdrivers. These are tools for driving and removing screws into and from surfaces. Not only epoxy floor contractors, but nearly every handyman or worker in the construction industry has these trusty tools in their work boxes. Hand-held screwdrivers have cylindrical handles that fit a human hand, a shaft, and tips that vary to fit particular screw sizes. Epoxy floor contractors use this tool to remove screws before painting the surface. Screwdrivers are also used to open paint cans, because the tip can fit in the recesses between the lid and the can.

Sandpaper is another tool often used by epoxy floor contractors, particularly during surface preparation. Surface sanding often takes up 70% of preparation work — it is that important. Any paint applied will have better adhesion when proper sanding has been done.

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