Pinholes Can Mar Your Concrete Floor Coatings

October 26, 2009

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Pinholes, those unsightly blisters that can mar an otherwise smooth concrete surface, are evidence of natural forces in action. The entire length of a concrete slab is riddled with air pockets, voids or spaces. When a film of concrete coatings is applied on the concrete surface, air is trapped within these minute capillary vents. When warm temperature heats the concrete surface, trapped air rises to the surface and forcibly creates crater-like indentations or pinholes in the surface.

The liquid properties of industrial floor coatings can also form pinholes. When fluid coatings settle in the concrete surface pockets, the air that formerly occupies the same pocket is forced out into nearby areas. An accumulation of displaced air will eventually cause a mini-eruption, forming pinholes.

In order to minimize or remove the occurrence of pinholes in industrial floor coatings, the causes of pinhole formation should be identified, and the corresponding preventive solution or action should be undertaken.

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