Popular Decorative Concrete Applications

January 28, 2010

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When it’s time to choose the best decorative concrete application to use in renovation or repair projects, facility managers find the chore easy. Decorative concrete applications are wide-ranging, and many of these options are not only easy on the budget, they are also prepared fuss-free, and brings the desired value-adding enhancements to the property.

Acid-etch staining

Decorative concrete staining using acid-based chemicals is one of the most popular applications that add aesthetic appeal to building properties. The chemical stains seep into concrete’s naturally porous surface, reacting with the substrate and creating unique patterns and designs. This is often used in renovations of patios, walkways, and almost any floor in the property.

Use of aggregates

Another common technique is to create decorative concrete finishes using coloring agents or solid aggregates. The mix of colors and aggregates with the concrete material produces surface hues and patterns that look very appealing in whatever location of the property.


Stone or wood molds are stamped into wet concrete. When concrete dries and the molds are removed, the results are surface impressions that are distinctly artistic and beautiful.

Form lining

A variation of the stamping method, form lining is created using molds artistically created by sculptors into creative patterns. These molds are impressed on the wet concrete, giving the otherwise bare concrete a better-looking face-lift.

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