Pre-Project Assessment for Concrete Coatings Selection

June 29, 2010

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Facility owners needing maintenance or repair of facility floors know that the choice of the most appropriate industrial floor coating is critical to the success of the project. Choosing the coatings is not an easy walk to the store, however. Facility owners should not rely merely on recommendations from shop clerks or colleagues or whatever sources. Every industrial floor coating is unique. Each one works for particular situations and needs. But the same goes for facility floors. Each floor may have unique requirements due to the way they are used in the facility.

A success factor in choosing the best industrial floor coating for the project lies in the conduct of a pre-project evaluation. This activity is a major gathering of inputs from all parties who will be involved in the project. Engineers, contractors, designers, architects, and even someone from the coating manufacturer may perform an assessment related to their respective tasks or roles in the project.

The stakeholders or parties involved will have to go onsite and conduct a thorough site inspection to determine the scope and scale of the project. Contractors may have to check for defects on the flooring and the extent of the damage to be fixed, if any. They must also check for potential problems and not just the visible or ongoing deterioration.

All parties may obtain the history of the project, such as the applications and methods used in the past, the maintenance history, performance, and cost, among others. This information is necessary to come up with a comprehensive view of the condition of the project. This knowledge is important in drawing up the final solution and the project’s plan of action.

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