Prevent Pinholes – Tame That Displaced Air!

October 29, 2009

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Reducing the appearance of pinholes in any industrial floor coatings application often leads painting applicators to understanding the behavior of air when trapped underneath the concrete surface. Because trapped air seeks outlet and bursts open upwards to form pinholes, one solution is to fortify the concrete floorings with epoxy sealers prior to actual industrial floor coatings application. The sealers sink into the uneven surface profile of concrete, displacing whatever air is present in those crevasses, and eventually causing this displaced air to be vented out. When the air bubbles erupt, the thin epoxy quickly reseals the surface, eliminating pinhole formation.

Another method is to first apply an initial coat to random surface areas, causing trapped air to vent out into the uncoated surface areas. A layer of industrial floor coatings is then applied, but the trapped air is now fewer than before, lessening pinhole formation.

Preventing trapped air from ever surfacing is also possible through the application of extremely thick and strong industrial floor coatings. The industrial floor coatings should be tightly-sealing, leaving trapped air underneath the coated surface, with no means of escape.

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