Preventive Maintenance of Parking Structures

December 15, 2010

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Since parking structures encounter many problems from all kinds of physical, mechanical and pedestrian impacts, not to mention the weather’s contribution in assaulting these deck areas, preventive maintenance should be done regularly to keep the parking decks in top condition.

Preventive maintenance provides the opportunity to repair any damages to the deck coatings system and other parts of the parking lot structure. Through a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, the parking decks are protected from future damages for as long as possible. This is because it is during preventive maintenance that the most suitable protective deck coatings are determined and applied to the deck surfaces.

In the case of parking structures, a preventive maintenance schedule is set every two to three years, if there are no unexpected damages or sudden need for repairs. The decision to push through with any preventive maintenance activity is supported by an expert evaluation of the entire parking deck. A deck coatings expert can identify any potential problems or damages that could arise.

The preventive maintenance often begins with the thorough washing and cleaning of the entire parking area. If any cracks or tears are evident in the deck coatings system, they are repaired or sealed prior to deck coatings re-application. Once repairs are completed, the deck coatings system is then repaired or re-applied, followed by the re-application of sealants and any caulking materials.

Depending on the severity and history of deck coatings damage, and factoring in the condition of the parking decks, a skilled deck coatings contractor can design a good implementation plan on how to proceed with preventive maintenance of the parking deck structures.

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