Pro-Active Parking Lot Striping

January 20, 2010

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To implement parking lot striping in shopping or business facilities, it is not enough to have clear goals that are completely articulated to parking lot striping contractors. It is not even enough that there is enough budget for the activity, or a good implementation plan. On top of these requirements, parking lot striping behooves facility managers to have a keen eye on the present, and an even keener eye on the future.

Keep up to date with new technology

Parking lot striping techniques and methodologies are continually developed, to keep abreast of the evolving taste of customers and the developments in parking lot design. Facility managers should be attuned to cutting-edge technology, and take advantage of current innovations in parking lot striping and products. They must always be on the lookout for improvements on quality.

Think ahead and into the future

Business parking lots eventually evolve in size and design to keep up with the demands of business. An expanding shopping center may need more parking spaces five years from now. This should be taken into consideration when planning the parking lot striping activity of today. Anticipation of any possible business expansion, or preparation for the inevitable aging process, or planning for future physical damages that can be incurred by day-to-day vehicular traffic in the facility, should also be taken into account and addressed as early as today’s parking lot striping project.

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