Professional Painting Companies: Rely on Them in Choosing the Right Colors for Your Building

April 1, 2011

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The choice of paint color is very important to the total look of the facility. The tint choices are visual displays that can be critical to the image of the facility, evoking either pleasant or unpleasant mental and emotional reactions from anyone who sees it. Because of this, it is no longer enough for the facility manager to merely slap on any paint hue that first comes to mind. It takes careful consideration and planning. The painting company can take the facility manager through the selection process, using an artist’s eye, knowledge of shading, and technical skills in paint selection and application.

How A Painting Company Chooses the Right Paint Color for Your Facility

The success or failure of a building makeover relies mostly on the choice of materials and colors used. Some techniques used by a painting company in the selection are listed below:

1. Set the right color tone appropriate to the room’s function or purpose. The paint contractor recommends tints based on the target location. An example of this is the use of muted or quiet hues in office or library areas — places where serious work or study is often done.

2. Consider color as part of the overall design. The painting company, can also work together with an interior decorator, to choose shades that won’t clash with other room features like carpets, wallpapers or furniture.

3. Be familiar with the color wheel. Knowledge of colors and how they blend together or against each other is key to the selection process. 

4. Simplify. The painting contractor often suggests pale shades as a last and safe resort, particularly in cases when the facility manager cannot think of an appropriate color theme for the facility.

Some Techniques in Color Selection

To get the right shade for the facility, an experienced painting company uses its industry resources and product knowledge in the selection process, and presents appropriate color schemes to the client for their approval.. Below are some criteria considered in this process:

1. Use light. Light sources can distort or enhance the human eye’s perception of color. The painting company usually evaluates paint shades under incandescent, fluorescent or natural light, to see how the tint changes and whether the change still makes the color appropriate for the facility.

2. Use a reference. A piece of fabric from the facility can serve as a color reference, making it easy to choose a perfectly-matched shade from paint products in the paint store.

3. Ask for expert opinion. The painting company, together with the interior designer, are the best sources of advice when it comes to the shading requirements of the project. Facility managers can also research online and offline about paint, qualities and properties.

The right color choice can provide an incentive for customers to enter your facility and stay there. It can increase productivity, help speed up healing, to name a few. It can also adversely affect the business reputation. This is the reason why facility managers must rely on a skilled painting company in the selection process. The right or wrong color choice can make your building look inviting or disparaging, either way.

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