Prolonging the Useful Life of Exterior Deck Coatings

October 1, 2009

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Regular maintenance of exterior deck coatings guarantees the longevity of heavily-trafficked areas such as decks, patios, walk ways, garages, among others. When should facility managers decide that repairs and maintenance is needed and that it’s time to enlist the help of a professional painting contractor?

When exterior deck coatings show signs of deterioration, such as cracking, peeling, or a foul odor or discoloration coming from minute fissures in the surface, then it is usually indicative that deck coatings failure is about to happen. Facility managers must initially conduct a visual inspection of the affected area. When the aid of a professional coatings contractor is enlisted, the contractor assesses the area more skillfully. The contractor conducts a thorough and accurate inspection of the condition of the deck coatings system and can identify an impending or ongoing deck coatings failure more quickly. Moreover, the contractor can recommend the most effective solution based on the assessment.

When repair and maintenance is inevitable, can the facility manager hesitate or shelve this activity to some other time? The answer is commonly no, but when resources or funding is low, the activity can be waived, but only if the affected surface is not critical to the function of the facility. The facility manager must decide if the facility can take the risk of a degraded deck coatings performance, should the repair be put off to another time. Repair is often less costly than an overhaul of the entire coatings system.

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