Property Fireproofing Using Intumescent Coatings

March 22, 2010

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Facility managers know how important it is to have a fire protection program setup and implemented in their facilities. Many other facility features may be optionally or arbitrarily implemented depending on the resources of the facility, but fire protection is not one of these. No facility can operate without fire protection programs in place, because it is one of the requirements for compliance with Building Regulations.

Why are fire protective coatings systems important to fire protection programs in facilities? There are several reasons, but foremost of these is that fire protection programs aim to save human lives. Building occupants – be it tenants or visitors – should be able to get out to safety in the event of a fire breakout. Intumescent fire protective coatings inhibit the spread of fire to give people enough time to flee to safety.

Fire protective coatings control the growth and spread of fire as rapidly as possible, and even have the capability to extinguish flames if possible. Bringing the second most important reason for fire protective coatings, which is to preserve the building from structural collapse when threatened by fire.

Other critical reasons for installing fire protective coatings are to save facility assets and investments from fire damage, as well as to provide an added protection for emergency rescuers and firefighters during fire-fighting operations.

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