Protect Your Investment from Coatings Failure

August 31, 2009

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One of the common reasons for the need for periodic repair and maintenance in a facility is when epoxy coatings failure occurs. When there are signs of epoxy coatings failure anywhere in the facility, the facility manager has to allocate the necessary budget and accept that a certain amount of work disruption will inevitably be required to repair the coatings failure.

There are many reasons why epoxy coatings failure occurs, but foremost among them is the constant interaction of the coatings system with natural and synthetic elements in the surroundings. The forces of sun, air, and water can cause epoxy coatings failures more frequently than any other factors, while particulate matters such as dirt, dust, or grease can lessen adhesion and infrequently cause epoxy coatings to fail as well. Other causes of failure can be attributed to solvent-caused ridges in surfaces, the brittleness of phenolic epoxy coatings, or the porosity of some epoxy coatings products.

Understanding the major causes of coating failure leads to early detection, better choices of paints, and more careful surface preparation and application. These practices will ultimately reduce the occurrence of disruptive coatings failures in the facility.

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