Protecting Your Roof Against Damaging UV Rays

May 8, 2018

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Protecting Your Roof Against Damaging UV Rays

Just like wearing sunscreen to prevent skin from burning, commercial rooftops need a protective layer to prevent UV damage. UV rays cause damage to the structure of a building in addition to causing the paint to fade. With the summer heat well on its way, it may be time to consider coating your roof for long-lasting protection against damaging UV rays.

UV Rays Damage

The sun’s damaging UV rays absorb into rooftops overtime and cause them to become brittle, weakening the structural integrity of the building. In turn, this causes the roof to lose capability to expand and contract in extreme temperatures, which then causes cracking and leaks. If your rooftop is dark in color, take extra caution as this increases the amount of UV rays being absorbed. In addition to structural damage, UV rays cause rooftops to lose aesthetic appeal. Overtime, the paint on a roof will fade, lessening the aesthetic appeal of a commercial roof.

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings aren’t just ideal for protecting rooftops from sun damage, they’re also optimal for waterproofing. In extreme temperature changes, elastomerics have the ability to expand and contract without losing shape, keeping everything watertight. This helps prevent UV Rays from causing material decomposition.

Clear Polyurethane or UV Protective Coatings

Clear polyurethane or UV protective coatings can then be applied as a top coat for extra sun protection. These coatings prevent fading and degradation of the underlying coatings system from intense UV rays being absorbed during the sunny summer months and help keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Green Roof Coatings

Opting for an environmentally-friendly roof coating can also protect your roof from sun damage. They are light in color and reflect sunlight, which ultimately helps keep the roof cool. Reflecting heat absorption also allows the interior of the building to remain cool, cutting down consumption costs. We all know how much AC costs skyrocket in the summer, so lessening energy consumption is a win-win.

Do your roof a favor this summer, and help keep it cool in the summer heat. Contact us for a quote today– your roof will thank you!

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