Protecting Your Facility’s Concrete Floor

June 17, 2013

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Concrete floors are utilized in almost every industry and commercial facility. However, concrete alone is rarely utilized. That’s because it does not hold up well against staining, is not easy to clean, offers poor resistance to many chemicals and is subject to thermal failures. For these reasons, as well as others, the concrete is usually overlaid or coated, often with a resin system such as epoxies or polyurethanes. These concrete coatings provide a monolithic surface that is much more durable than concrete alone.

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Polyurethane mortar is one of these systems. It offers the widest range of resistance and protection with respect to thermal and chemical stresses. In addition, it is also highly impact resistant and protects well against abrasion.


Evaluating polyurethane mortar in five areas demonstrates its versatility and strengths.


  • With respect to impact resistance, it resists chipping and pitting. This quality comes from the fact that it absorbs shock and distributes it across a wider area, thus giving it a more elastic property.

  • It provides a high degree of wear resistance, much more so than concrete alone. It is equal to or will outperform nearly any other monolithic system currently in use.

  • It is resistant to most chemicals, such as acids, solvents and alkalis. For certain applications, other flooring systems may provide superior chemical resistance, but they will not provide an equal level of resistance to impact or abrasion.

  • Thermal resistance is outstanding with polyurethane mortar systems. They can endure steam cleaning and hot water, as well as aggressive cleaning products and disinfectants. Its physical properties remain unchanged through a temperature range of 100-220 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Bacterial resistance is superior as well. When you consider this factor, combined with the ability to aggressively clean the surface, you have a flooring solution that performs well in food and meat processing facilities. It is approved for use by the USDA for bacterial resistance and food preparation situations.


Polyurethane mortar is just one of the many monolithic flooring systems available to industry. If your floor needs resurfacing, or you are building a new facility, ask your industrial painting contractor which system is best suited for your needs.


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